Learning About Taking Care Of Your Personal Relationships

Learning About Taking Care Of Your Personal Relationships

5 Tips To Make Adoption Easier For Your Child's Grandparents

Louella Dean

When you decide to give your baby up for adoption, you are making a choice that affects several people in your life. While adoption may be the best choice for you and your baby, sometimes it can be a difficult choice for the biological grandparents of your baby to accept. It is important to know that unless the child's grandparents have had legal custody of the child in the past, they will likely have no rights regarding your decision to place your child up for adoption. However, if the child has supportive grandparents, you may want to take their feelings into consideration and follow these tips to help make the adoption process easier for everyone involved. 

Let the Grandparents Know As Soon As You Make a Decision 

If the grandparents think that you will be raising the baby, it can come as quite a shock when you state that you will be giving the baby up for adoption. You should let them know that you are considering adoption, and, when you make a final decision, you should inform them. Although it may be difficult, you should be firm when you tell them your decision and ask for them to support your decision. Do not give them hope that you may keep the baby unless you plan to do so. If you do, they may try to convince you to keep the baby by purchasing items for the baby or setting up a nursery at their home, which can make your final decision to give the baby up for adoption more difficult for you. 

Get the Grandparents Involved In Choosing an Adoptive Family 

If you have a close relationship with the grandparents, you may want to get them involved in the process of choosing an adoptive family for your baby. They can help you sort through applications and review files of adoptive families. If you want, they can also be with you when you talk with or meet prospective adoptive parents. 

If Your Baby Is Born Before You Make a Decision, Consider Short-term Foster Care 

If you still have not made a decision when your baby is born, then you may consider allowing the grandparents to care for them while you decide. However, this can make it difficult for the grandparents to give the baby up later. Instead, you may want to consider short-term foster care through your adoption agency. You and the grandparents can visit the baby and get to know it while you make your final decision. 

Allow the Grandparents to Meet the Baby and Say Goodbye to the Baby

While you are at the hospital after your baby is born, you may want to invite the grandparents of the child to meet the baby and say goodbye to them. This can make the transition slightly easier for the grandparents. Additionally, the grandparents may want to take some photographs with their grandchild before the grandchild is given to their adoptive family. This will allow the grandparents to keep some memories of their grandchild. 

Consider a Semi-Open or Open Adoption 

Semi-open and open adoptions are becoming more popular. However, even if you are not interested in a semi-open or open adoption, you should consider asking for one on behalf of the child's grandparents. Some adoptive parents appreciate the interest of biological grandparents and will send regular updates to the grandparents. The adoptive parents may also appreciate having access to a family member who knows the medical history of your family. 

Adoption will affect several people in your life. While the decision is ultimately yours, it is important to consider how those around you will feel during and after the adoption. For more information on placing a baby for adoption, contact an adoption agency like A Child's Dream.


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